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The Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS) is a voluntary program for participating Section 8 (Housing Choice Voucher) and Public Housing residents. Its purpose is to help residents become financially self-sufficient. This program helps participants learn how to pay off debt, fix credit, find a job, and/or help the participant find the resources to attend college or a trade school. But best of all, FSS can help participants gain financial independence.

What can participants expect from the program?

The FSS Coordinator will meet and discuss information about the program and goals the participant may have. The participant receives help in identifying skills, abilities, talents and interests in order to reach those goals, and the FSS Coordinator will connect participants to services and organizations within the community to help overcome any barriers to reaching those goals.

One of the advantages to the FSS program is the escrow account. Once enrolled in the program, the Moline Housing Authority establishes an escrow account for the participant. As the household earns more money at work, rent increases, and the Moline Housing Authority captures a portion of that rent increase and deposits it into the account.

When the participant successfully completes the program, the escrow account is available to the participant. This is a wonderful savings plan to help pay off debt, save money, purchase a car or even a house. How the money is used will be determined by the imagination of the FSS graduate.

Contact Leighann Mitchum, Family Self-Sufficiency Coordinator, at 309-581-5097 or Leighann@molinehousing.com to learn more.


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